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It is in the field of engineering services that require specialization such as preparedness and response to accidents resulted from oil and other harmful substances, and coastal cleaning. MEKE prepares national and international oil spill expansion modeling, sensitive zone mapping, geographical response plans, emergency response plans and waste management plans by its specialized and trained personnel.

Within this scope, Meke Marine provides services of;

  • Oil Spill Expansion Modeling and Mekeslik
  • Sensitive Zone Mapping
  • Preparation of Geographical Response Plans
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Plans
  • Preparation of Waste Management Plan
  • Risk Analysis and Preparation of Emergency Response Plan
  • Seawater Analyses
  • Metrological Studies
  • Bathymetric and Oceanographic Studies
  • Geological and Hydrogeological Studies
  • Vessel Traffic Simulation

Our Engineering Studies

Meke Marine
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